"You see, dolls can become haunted and even possessed.  They are empty vessels in human shapes and can be used by spirits as bodies.  They still aren't alive, but its the feeling that they are which counts for the possessing spirit. While dolls can never be exorcised they can be trapped, if one seals them in doll house they may never realise they are imprisoned" 

- Browns Spirit Guide 

7 Deadly Dolls is a 3D physical puzzler with a strong horror theme for iOS. Centred around a mysterious doll house players must slowly unwrap its layers and unlock its secrets. Beautifully designed controls allow players to solve puzzles, flick switches, slide locks and turn dials opening new rooms to find the ultimate truth about the 7 Dolls. 

Take a scientific approach to investigating the mysterious goings on in the house by recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon and utilising miniature cameras to get a first person view of the internal workings. 

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